Nadine Labaki

Attended by more than 300 invited guests from the cinema industry and the media, the new season of Talks began with Nadine Labaki. The Lebanese director spoke about the role of the artist in changing people’s mindsets, starting with her own personal experience. “When you live in a place with chaos, and politics is not leading anywhere, we need an alternative way of thinking. I think art is really the only way now. And I truly believe in our duty as artists, as filmmakers, to believe through our art that we change the world.” She also expressed her hope for a change in women’s representation in the movie industry, thanks to the action of feminist movements. “I can see a lot happening after the #MeToo and the #TimesUp movement. I can see a change in people’s minds. I can see the change in the fact that the debate is out there, the discussion is out there. I think the way to start the healing process in any problem is by starting to talk about it, and this is what is happening.”