Emilia Clarke

It is with great naturalness and wit that Emilia Clarke, Khaleesi in Game of Thrones, defends her ideas on the image and place of women in the world of cinema, on the set of the Women in Motion Talk on May 15. The 31-year-old British actress, who reigned for seven years of in the series that made her famous around the world, has several roles to her credit in Hollywood, and she's in Cannes for the out-of-competition screening of the latest Star Wars directed by Ron Howard. On the subject of the MeToo movement, she believes that "this awareness is a revolution in itself and there will be no turning back. Beyond what must change contractually, we must educate the younger generations and re-educate some of the older ones, to give them a new language. Women must be able to speak from the bottom of their hearts and without fear. You have to create this new environment, and it takes time”. She is not opposed to the idea of ​​quotas in the profession, advocating a discussion about possible solutions. Accustomed to seeing her mother provide for the whole family, she says: "I never felt that I could not be or do what I wanted because I was a girl". These inequalities she discovered when starting to work. Like many women, she recalls the experience of being considered differently: "In a conversation, you express an idea or an opinion, and no one responds; then a man says the same thing and everyone reacts”. For Emilia Clarke, "you have to find a way to get yourself heard without causing conflict". As for the subject of equal pay, she has always been paid as much as her male partners in Games of Thrones, and asks her team to check it is the case for each of her roles. The recurring question that annoys her, is her role as a "strong woman": "I play women, and women are not weak. Go ask men how they feel about playing strong men!"

She is convinced that women's place in cinema and elsewhere can make further progress, "fortunately, there are platforms like this one to express themselves."

She also tells us about her project to launch a production company, "I want to tell really good stories with roles for both women and men, without discrimination.” Her role as the Dragonmother has already inspired a generation of young women.


Emilia Clarke is attending Cannes for the premiere of Solo: A Star Wars Story. She plays the role of Qi'Ra in the film alongside Alden Ehrenreich, Donald Glover and Thandie Newton. She will next be seen in the final season of the Emmy Award winning series Game of Thrones for HBO and has starred in the international hit Me Before You