Diane Kruger

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She starred in In the Fade, Fatih Akin's latest film in the Official Competition, where she plays a mother who lost her child and her husband in a bomb attack. A powerful film about the mourning, injustice and revenge that rest on the shoulders of Diane Kruger, who plays for the first time in German, just like her heroine and fetish actress Romy Schneider. Having played the main roles in the films by Fabienne Berthod and recently in Alice Winocour’s Maryland, she feels very concerned about the question of women’s place in cinema. "Women filmmakers basically have a different view than men filmmakers, it’s deeper," she says. "I think they put the female characters at the center, not at the service of the male roles.” For her, women filmmakers do not get too tied up with seduction. They go straight to the point, and make a cinema that’s more honest. As for the evolution of women's position in the film industry, Diane Kruger is reasonably optimistic: "Even if it’s still incredibly difficult to occupy a place, they manage more and more to create their own space, and each one must do it, and demand, for example, that the actresses be paid the same as the actors!”  The emancipation movement must also come take hold in television with series such as The Bridge, in which Diane Kruger plays the lead role of a criminal investigator. Diane Kruger is stepping for the first time behind the camera to make a short film to encourage young women to dare entering the scientific field. An area that fascinates her, so much so, that she trying her hand at producing a mini-series about Heddi Lamar, a great and misunderstood scientist from the 1940s. "This may enable a new generation to identify with a remarkable woman. Seeing the journey of women like Heddi Lamar can create a purpose." she said with conviction at the final Women in Motion 2017 talk.

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Heroine of the latest film by Fatih Akin, In the Fade, a thriller in the Official Competition, where she plays a woman who wants to avenge the death of her husband and son in a bomb attack. Diane Kruger returns to the Croisette, but this time she’s on the other side of the fence as a contender in the Official Competition. After having been mistress-of-ceremonies for the 2007 Festival de Cannes, then member of the jury in 2012 under the presidency of Nanni Moretti, Diane Kruger is in competition this year for the Prix d’interpretation. From Quentin Tarantino’s Inglorious Basterds to Farewell My Queen by Benoit Jacquot, the German actress has already had the opportunity to display her wide range of talents, and no matter what the director’s language. She is also remembered in the very beautiful role Fabienne Berthod gave her in Sky in 2015, a French director she’s teamed up with and shared an affinity with since her first film Frankie

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