Aïssa Maïga

The fourth edition of the Women in Motion Talks ended with the actress Aïssa Maïga speaking about the issue of racism suffered by black women in cinema. For her, the women's freedom of speech movement that began in 2017 and came from America, must be able to continue in France: "It is true that there are a lot of things that come to us from the United States. They have a long black militant tradition and a long feminist militant tradition. After, I think we the French really have a strong voice to be heard because we live a reality that is different. We have other challenges. (...) Indeed, they are sources of inspiration, but I believe a lot in French creativity, from the point of view of overcoming obstacles and rejections.” In addition, she encouraged the different feminist movements to meet in order to muster up all the necessary force to fight inequality: "There are bridges to build. [...] I feel ready to talk to women who are very different from me, who adopt points of view and ways of life that are contrary to what I want for myself, but I think it’s very important.” That same evening, Aïssa Maïga climbed the stairs alongside the other fifteen black actresses who wrote in the collective book Being black is not my job, about their difficulty to be considered otherwise than in roles that are too often second-rate and stereotypical.